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Apr 22

Hiatus over, I’m moving. I lost like 10 followers, but meh. :(

Apr 7

I made a new blog which is mostly Les Mis. Now I only have to decide if I’m gonna move there or keep both…


“Every inch of this house is filled with memories of the people that I love, that have died.”

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High School AU: Dean and Castiel

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Apr 5


SPN 8x19: In which Dean Winchester is actually Rapunzel. 

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“It’s Amy Pond…It’s the Doctor’s Great Love…You know, for my Doctor.” - Matt Smith

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if i become a drug dealer i’m gonna say to my customers ‘now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it” and we’d all laugh and then i’d call the police because drugs are fucking illegal

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Reblog if you are so unpopular that you don’t even get an anon’s hate.


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